Safe In Sound LP

by Frances Luke Accord

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Window 02:53
Nowhere to run No time to hide Open up your eyes We will not lie We do or die While the world goes by
Dust to Dust 03:34
Hearing by the noise Singing by the voice Seeing by the sight Lightness by the light Righteousness by right Power by control Will by young and old Power in the tone Marrow from the bone Young by being old This is what we’re told And this is how we know And this is what I think A player and a string If only I had a diamond ring of my own I’d take it to market and I’d fly back home Blow the old house down, build a new in town Fill a ring shaped hole oooooo Ruby in the sun Planet on the run Pocket full of ash Ripping off the mask Sky that tears in half Earth that we exhume Change is coming soon You howl from your lonely mountain at night Still penning the secrets I know you’d like To let go the most give up your ghost For a brand new life Hearing by the noise Singing by the voice Seeing by the sight Lightness by the light Darkness by the night Calm before the storm Die ‘fore being born Power in the tone Marrow from the bone Young by being old This is what we’re told And this is how we know And this is what I think
Sunnyside 03:59
Take me mama take me Could you take me on down? On down from my rain cloud When I’m heavy? Heavy as a rose Of summer left out in the snow Take me when I’m heavy Take me mama-o Shake me papa shake me I’m a gambling spade A gamble and a scramble Sunny side up some days But one day papa one day I will blow this world away One day papa one day Blow this world away Someday brother someday When the light ain't so low One day when the storm Ain’t so heavy One day we will see Eye to eye oh you and me One day we will see One day you and me Someday we will see How bright some light can be One day we will see One day you and me
Maria 02:16
If the sun goes dark someday And all the stars fall out from space, oh Solace me, my enlightened one With no stars and with no sun And if the full moon didn’t come Wasn’t new, and it wandered on to some Other earth and some other sun Would you also go love some other one? Take me with you, Maria please I’m so full and I need to empty I set all my glittering cotton alight on The bitter chance you’ll restore my sight, why I’d Leave my body and my blood behind on Just the faith you’re the one to find
My mother brought me into this garden first Taught me to weed by working deep down in the earth And while I was clutching dirt I was struck I was hurt All that grows so thirsts Once my father said he would read me to bed Worn down from the job he had to keep me fed But I was too old and I blushing red yelled instead Never was the same ahead Now every night I come to town All I ever think about Are all the times I let you down For all the times I let you down Thank you Derrick Watson in a hundred years you'll be read For shade 'neath and orange sun with a mighty pen and a level head And although it may be little praise my friends and I think you're great For what you've done today Now I spend most my time in this room writing tunes Locked up in my point of view feeling blue But as soon as I put on my shoe and walk outside and I'm with you That's when I learn something new Still every morn I stumble through A silver light so bright and true 'Til it turns a-gray rain coming soon Yeah turns a-gray rain coming soon
This morning I dreamt Forgetting your name While that of your child And husband came I bent close to face You whispered in song We barely embrace And then you were gone The distance in space All moving along Our time and our place All vanish at dawn This morning I dreamt A memory came The memory went It started to rain
Saint Mary 02:41
All my life Had my head in my helmet Right of the road On the side Sunlight on the road Wind in my face I went high over and under Woke somewhere else Woman of grace Angel of slumber Lost in space Nothing but wonder Empty in I It took time To recoup what was taken Self in remaking Rethink this life In my head oh In our only life cycle In the blink of an eye I was left The whole world was ending But also rebirth And also pretending Knowing what life is worth
Sing me out if I'm lonely breathe me in if I’m blue Fill me up if I'm hollow Break me down if I'm through And if I'm asleep aw Could you wake me too? Oh sing me out if I’m lonely Breathe me in if I’m blue Oh when those rain clouds Are rumbling down You feel your roots all Flooded in doubt Oh if it thunders a bit too loud I’ll sing for you my songbird Find you some solid ground Oh if it’s cold And when we’re gray Alive as stones Stuck in some shape With all our dust, oh Deep in our shade I’ll sing for you my songbird Sing beyond our days
Fish for song And the crowd will multiply and become strong Strong like water Like a hurricane whose name I can’t remember She was rich and kind Made of water and of fire at the same time Thieves and cowards Who are they to turn away the wolfing hours? While the deaf and blind Get healed and scale the mountains in my mind When it fell to me Who was I to calm the thunderstorm at sea? Safe and sound until the next wave Life until the afterlife, into the turning knife of the lathe But you’re rich and kind Don’t you know the kind of friend you’ve been of mine?
In my life I’ve grown upside down Caught my string on the ground Where the river won’t run Where the sparrow won’t dive Where the spirit can’t sing And the arrow won’t climb Oh I’ve seen the sun go down And the moon on the rise I saw it all once In my haze I faced a dream gone gray Shaken down in the shade Of a hollow oak tree Over honey so sweet Fought a killer queen bee Brought me to my knee Oh I’ve seen a cloud rain down In the flash of a light I saw it all once Woah I’ve been a-running wild Been a fool reconciled Mmm mm mm When I die Take me the long way home Lay me down in the snow Where the sparrow might go Where the hollow oaks fold Into a cradle in time To make a nest from bone Woah I saw but I went blind Now we know what we know We’ll see it all go


Safe In Sound is a spacious and deeply textured indie-folk record about forging on in the face of uncertainty. Brimming with sing-along earworms that deliver a front-and-center view of the band’s signature ethereal harmonies, the album features guest appearances from Darlingside, Liz Chidester, and more. Recorded largely through quarantine, its lyrics often reflect the exasperation of artists struggling to hang on through the storm.

Drawing frequent comparisons to Simon & Garfunkel, Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver, and other iconic folk artisans, FLA’s Nicholas Gunty and Brian Powers create a delicate magic that commands the room to attention. Their work is what NPR’s Mountain Stage has called “the definition of lean-in music” – from deeply contemplative to playfully sentimental, each song bears a timeless quality, honoring the past while moving gracefully into the present.


“...a captivating, immersive folk experience" - Atwood Magazine

"Delivered over an ethereal combination of strings and percussion...culminates with the bold realization of how precious life is and how it shouldn’t be taken for granted." - Blue Ridge Outdoors

"Beautiful" - RIFF Magazine

"...a dreamlike piece of folk music that brings me joy with every listen. It’s a real treat." - Ear To The Ground

"...a bright ray of folk sunshine" - East of 8th

"...the voices of Gunty and Powers together effortlessly pulls listeners in with an urge to hear the story being told." - Music Mecca

"...beautiful folk classicalism" - American Pancake

"Captivating" - Indie Tapes

"...a mesmerizing sense of complexity here that pushes beyond simple vintage-folk comparisons into a modern world informed by Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, and many others. The music of Frances Luke Accord offers a bridge between a classic era of folk-inspired pop and the current day." - CHILLFILTR

"With melodic cues known to Simon and Garfunkel and an indie sensibility known to Sufjan Stevens…an intoxicating offering in the world of indie folk. Poetically vibrant and slightly abstract, the duo is dreamy." - The Wild Is Calling


1. YOU, our dear listeners, for letting us bounce around in your ears every once and a while. Please know we don't take the gift of your time and attention lightly. Thank you, always.
2. The inimitable Don Mitchell (of the Darlingside fame). Don not only co-produced Safe In Sound (with our own studio maestro, Nick!), but his mentorship and encouragement saw this record to the finish line amidst a very challenging time for artists (outside of the 1%) around the globe. It's a life goal for both of us to someday be as great a human as Don.
3. Chris Dupont, Katie Van Dusen, Luke Jackson, Yeshua (Joshua Gunty), Tom Nania, Liz Chidester, and Darlingside (Dave Senft, Auyon Mukharji, Don Mitchell, Harris Paseltiner), whose musical contributions made this music sing in so many ways.
4. Our families and patrons on Patreon. Without your support, FLA would not be possible.


released February 9, 2023

Performed by: Frances Luke Accord
All songs written by: Nicholas L Gunty / Brian Eugene Powers
Mixing Engineer: Nicholas Gunty (Except Track 11, mixed by Don Mitchell)
Production: Nicholas Gunty, Don Mitchell
Mastering Engineer: Chris DuPont
Label: Two-Dale Records / Tone Tree Music
Publishing: Frances Luke Accord Music Publishing
Guest performers: Don Mitchell, Chris DuPont, Liz Chidester, Yeshua, Katie Van Dusen, Luke Jackson, Tom Nania, Darlingside (Dave Senft, Auyon Mukharji, Don Mitchell, Harris Paseltiner)


all rights reserved



Frances Luke Accord Chicago, Illinois

"{Frances Luke Accord} are the definition of lean-in music.” - NPR's Mountain Stage

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